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Lourdes House Nursing Home Sandton

Lourdes House started off as a nursing home, established in 1960 by the Reid family. In 2004, we founded a 21 Non-Profit organisation and bought that property from the Reid family in order to keep the nursing home going. Before this, it was destined for demolition to create space for a townhouse development. And so Lourdes House was borne.

Since then we’ve been providing frail care based on Christian values. We care for our residents the way we would like to be cared for. We offer religious services twice a week at the home. And we work hard so that each of residents maintains his dignity, quality of life and as much independence as possible.

Our residents experience a real home experience with great comfort and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We encourage the family and friends of our residents to form part of our community and to visit their loved ones regularly.

Lourdes House offers frail care, assisted care and independence care with 24-hour nursing staff available. A doctor is on call should he be needed.

We serve three meals per day, as well as morning and afternoon tea in the dining room.

Our accommodation consists of a variety of en suite twin rooms, single rooms with shared bathrooms.

Optional services include a visiting hairdresser and a podiatrist.

Our Sisters run a weekly gym session for our residents and we offer a laundry service.

Volunteers often come to play the piano and socialise with our residents.

We look forward to welcoming you at Lourdes House Nursing Home Sandton.

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30, 10th Avenue

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