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Care in Midstream Frail Care Sandton-Midrand

At Care in Midstream Frail Care Sandton-Midrand, residents participate in an initial assessment, which is followed up annually (ILS/BBS/FIM), to ensure they receive personalised optimum care for their unique level of health and mobility.

The experienced team develops personalised programmes with monthly goals in place for each resident. This is to ensure residents strive towards their personal goals in order to maintain a level of functionality and mobility.

Care in Midstream Frail Care Sandton-Midrand provides various levels of care, each quoted accordingly.

This homely, yet professional, facility prides itself in providing comfortable private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a large area outdoors for leisurely activities, a social area with a coffee station, Wi-Fi access, library as well as TV rooms.

Care in Midstream Frail Care Sandton-Midrand has the individual resident at heart in everything they do…

They provide care for:

Independent living: Elderly residents who can function independently, but need access to nursing care occasionally.
Assisted living: Elderly folk who need help with their daily living activities, but not full time care
Frail Care: Elderly people who require full time care
Dementia care: Care for people who suffer from Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Main Services include:

◾24-7 paramedic services for emergencies

◾A variety of social events and interest groups are arranged, including: book club, gardening, cooking, arts & crafts, games, movie nights as well as special annual functions. Residents also look forward to cultural and music events, guest visits by artists and speakers, monthly braais,  and dancing evenings.

◾A caring and experienced social worker is available on the premises to assist residents.

Short-stay care at Care in Midstream Frail Care Sandton-Midrand

Care in Midstream also offers Day, Week and Weekend Care, inclusvely at our Frail Care, Assisted Living as well as at the Dementia & Alzheimer’s facilities. This provides the home caregiver with a welcome opportunity to take a holiday, attend to important or urgent business, and even just allows them time to nourish their own health. This service can be invaluable in avoiding caregiver stress and burnout. It helps to sustain the health of both the primary caregiver, and the health of the person receiving the primary care. There is no set-minimum period applicable for short term care.

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