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Mattanja Assisted Living and Frail Care Home

Mattanja Assisted Living and Frail Care Home is an intimate and friendly home away from home, where we encourage our small group of residents to interact and engage in various stimulating activities and programmes daily.

Our warm and comfortable home is dedicated to caring for the elderly and frail residents, including those who require special care due to more severe health problems.

At Mattanja Assisted Living and Frail Care Home, we believe that caregiving is a labour of love which calls for special people and the right touch. It is a calling and a lifestyle for us.

We acknowledge that caring for an elderly or frail relative can be a very stressful experience. So, when the time comes, our professional team of highly trained and passionate medical personnel and caregivers can take over this important responsibility. We provide both physical and emotional support – giving you peace of mind that your loved one is in the best care possible.

Mattanja is where you choose to live your life, on your terms, regardless of your limitations due to ageing.

At Mattanja you are the centre of what we do best – caring.

Contact Mattanja Assisted Living and Frail Care Home today to discuss your individual requirements and for advice.


Versorging is n liefdestaak en benodig ‘n baie spesiale persoon om dit met deernis uit te voer. So glo ons by Mattanja. Vir ons is dit n roeping en n lewenswyse, nie net n werkstaak nie.

Ons verstaan dat om na n geliefde/familielid om te sien ‘n baie stresvolle ondervinding kan wees. Wanneer die tyd aanbreek, sal ons hoogs gekwalifiseerde professionele mediese en liefdevolle personeel hierdie groot verantwoordelikheid by u oorneem.

Ons gee nie net fisiese, maar ook emosionele bystand om vir u die nodige gemoedsrus te gee dat u geliefde die beste moontlike sorg sal ontvang.

Mattanja is waar jy kan kies hoe om te leef – op jou eie terme – ten spyte van die beperkings wat die ouderdom meebring.

Kontak ons gerus vir meer inligting of advies





14 De Wet Street
Western Cape

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