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Alexandra Park Nursing Home Scottburgh

At Alexandra Park Nursing Home Scottburgh, you get affordable frail care in one of the most beautiful settings in the country

When Mrs Ruth Luck passed away in 1964, she left her property to the Borough of Scottburgh for the purpose of establishing a home for the aged. In 1979, Alexandra Park was opened.

Alexandra’s retirement villages are run as a non-profit organisation. They have been serving the community by providing affordable retirement living.

What you can expect at Alexandra Park frail care

Alexandra Park Nursing Home Scottburgh is in the suburb of Scottburgh, juts two kilometres from the Scottburgh business centre. This frail care home accommodates 80 senior citizens and has frail care facilities for 40 people.

We provide nursing 24/7 to those in need.

What truly sets Alexandra Park frail care apart from other establishments in the industry is the warmth and the team spirit the employees share. “We work hard as a team and try to make the transition from independent living to assisted living easier for our residents,” she says.

CEO, Margie Stella, and her team are guided by wisdom gained from many sources, including Margie’s background in education. She quotes George Bernard Shaw: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

This is why she encourages the rediscovery of play within the home and has seen some great results from this approach. “This is not a boarding school and it’s definitely not a jail,” she says. “This is a positive thing for many, especially when they are losing their independence.”

We believe it’s important to connect to our residents, we do this even before a new person arrives at our facilities. We begin by finding out what support they will need as well as their backgrounds in order to see if there is additional support we can provide.

“We consider each person individually and aim to provide the best care possible for their personal needs,” Margie says. She adds that they “they make a concerted effort to ensure they have addressed all the issues a resident could be facing. We aim to make everyone feel special.”

A number of Churches have become very involved with our operations. This is often very important for individuals at this point in their lives.

Alexandra Park Nursing Home:

Telephone: 039-9781942
Fax: 039-9761732
Mobile: 083-793-0437
Website: www.alexandrapark.co.za

Physical Address: 9, Roger Place
Suburb: Scottburgh South
City: Scottburgh
Province: Kwa Zulu Natal