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AD Care Hartenbos Frail Care Centre

Frail care

The AD Care Hartenbos frail care facility offers full board and frail care for more mobile patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, MS, Down Syndrome or residents that need living assistance.

This facility is ideally suitable to more mobile residents that would still appreciate the farm like environment with animals and vegetable patches etc to keep themselves busy during the day.

AD Care Hartenbos Frail Care Offers Residents:

  • 24/ 7 Residential care
  • All meals and dietary requirements
  • Laundry
  • Mobility stimulation
  • Administration of medication
  • Nursing care

All medical procedures are performed at prescribed  medical aid rates AND Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy is available at request and claimed from medical aid (where applicable).

AD Care Hartenbos’ frail care services exclude:

  • Chronic and acute medication
  • Diapers when incontinent
  • Toiletries

Hartenbos Frail Care

AD Care Hartenbos Frail Care:

Telephone: 086 999 0341
Fax: 086 603 0718
Website: www.adcare.co.za

Physical Address: Adler’s Nest, 5 Klipheuwel Street
Suburb: Mossel Bay
City: Mossel Bay
Province: Western Cape